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Designs and Colors:
All our silk and dyes are 100% natural and grown, harvested, and dyed right here in Bukhara, and mostly in our very own home. We have over 20 colors to choose from, all from the fruit, leaves, bark and roots of plants that are native to Bukhara such as mulberries and pomegranates.

#0 white
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Once we have an order in takes number of months to complete a high quality silk rug. For example, a 1x1.5 meter 100% silk carpet takes approximately 8 months to weave! For this reason we ask for your patience as we work to bring your Persian Carpet dreams to fruition!

#1-9 blue
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Please look at the below colors and designs. You can choose any combination for your carpet. Once we know the style and size of the carpet you are interested in we can quote a price. Prices depend greatly on the style as some carpets are much more detailed than others, thus requiring much more work. Others are simpler and are finished quickly and are thus cheaper in price.

#10-21 brown
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  #22-27 red and brown

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  #31-34 yellow and orange

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  #35-38 dark blue

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